• Temperature Controllers-PID

    9 Stage Profile Controller
    Analog Output Temperature Controller
    Digital Temperature Indicator
    Dual display, single output
    Dual display, single output- PID
    Dual Display-Auto Tune PID
    Dual Display-Universal Input
    Dual Output PID - Full Featured
    Dual Output PID -Basic Featured
    Fixed Input & Fixed Action Economy Range
    PID Controller- 3 Output
    PID Temperature controller with three output
    Single display, Single output
    Single Display, Single Output-PID
    Single Display-Universal Input
    Single Display-Universal Input PID
    Universal Input PID Controller
  • Process Control Instruments

    8 Channel Universal Scanner
    8 Channel Universal Temperature Scanner With RS-485 Modbus Connectivity
    Current Transducer
    Fault Annunciator
    Flow Rate Indicator Cum Totaliser
    Load Cell Indicator/Controller
    Loop Powered Transmitter
    Melt Pressure Indicator
    Process Controller
    Process Indicator
    Process Indicator-Jumbo
    Signal Isolator & Current Transducer
  • Programmable Timers

    Blind Cycle Timer
    Cycle Timer
    Digital Presetable Timer
    Digital Time Totalizer
    Forward-Reverse Timer
    Multirange Timer
    Multirange Timer-Delayed Mode
    Programmable Timer
    Sequential Timer
    Star-Delta Timer
  • Programmable Counter

    Color-Mark Sensor
    Digital Batch Counter
    Digital Count Totaliser
    Digital Length Counter
    Digital Presetable Counter
    Digital Programmable Counter
    Digital Rpm Indicator
    DRO Controller
    Fill Seal Controller
    LRO Controller
    Photo Electric Controller
    Speed Indicator
    Tablet Counter
  • Power & Energy Meters

    AVF Meter
    Multi Function Meter
    Multi-Function meter panel
    Single & Three Phase Power Factor Meter
    Single phase : Amps +Volt Meter
    Single Phase AC-Ampere Meter
    Single Phase AC-Volt Meter
    Single Phase DC-Ampere Meter
    Single Phase DC-Volt Meter
    Single Phase Power Meter
    Single Phase Watt Meter
    Three Phase Energy & Power Meter
    Three Phase Multi Function Meter
    Three Phase Volt Meter
  • Protection Devices & Relays

    DIN RAIL Single Phase-Current Controller
    Motor Protection Device
    Over Load Protection-Current Controller
    Phase Loss & Phase Sequence
    Three Phase Over Voltage & Under Voltage
    Voltage Protection Device
  • Thyristor DC Drive

    0.5 HP Thyristor Drive