0.5 HP Thyristor Drive


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  • Continuous firing SCR circuitry to provide continuously variable speed setting.
  • Surge suppressors to protect the Thyristor and the diodes.
  • Soft start.
  • Overload current trip at the rating of the drive.
  • Surge current trip.
  • Field future trip
  • LED indications provided for the above trip conditions moreover the TRIP RELAY energizes during the trip conditions.
  • The user as per the diagram for can provide H.R.C. Fuses and contactors usual protection interlock can be provided to see that the armature output can be started only if the field contactor is turned ON.
  • Armature bridge connection directly on the heat sink to avoid loose connections and terminal heating.
  • How current connection on a separate terminal strip.
  • Speed set potentiometer can be mounted at a convenient location on the panel.