Temperature Controllers-PID

Various types ranging from Economy type to advanced ones with Modbus communication, applications are wide like

              •  Plastic Processing Machinery
              •  Packaging Machinery
              •  Furnace & Boilers
              •  Laboratory Testing Machinery
              •  Ovens & Incubators
              •  Food Industry
              •  Extrusion Machinery: Plastic/Rubber

Temperature Controllers-PID Sub Products

9 Stage Profile Controller

Analog Output Temperature Controller

Digital Temperature Indicator

Dual display, single output

Dual display, single output- PID

Dual Display-Auto Tune PID

Dual Display-Universal Input

Dual Output PID - Full Featured

Dual Output PID -Basic Featured

Fixed Input & Fixed Action Economy Range

PID Controller- 3 Output

PID Temperature controller with three output

Single display, Single output

Single Display, Single Output-PID

Single Display-Universal Input

Single Display-Universal Input PID

Universal Input PID Controller