Stone Cutting Application

Digital Timers & Counters facilitates accurate cutting and slicing of raw stone. A logical synchronizing of Digital Timers & Counters ensure proper cutting & slicing of a stone slab. Slice Thickness is controlled by Trolley counter, Left & right counter control horizontal travel time of blade while Timers control the depth of the stone to be cut. Ampere Relays are used for over load protection of motors 

Extrusion plants

Products like Length Counters and Ratio Indicators ensure production speeds are maintained. PID Controllers with upto 3 relay or SSR outputs for Heater, Blower & alarm functions simultaneously. Haul-off controller available for Haul- off in extrusion plants. Synchronising cards available for analog inputs & output signal isolation. Process indicators for speed / RPM indication of relevant AC drives

Injection Molding

Moulding a perfect plastic item requires a precise temperature controlling & timing function. MDC

Textile processing

Various product lines like Length counters, speed indicators, RPM meters ensure more informed production output for factory owners. Proxy & pulse based Large display indicators ensures that production linemen are in the know of the latest production figures. Batch counting facility is available too for cloth batch production line. Alarms for all parameters are available too. 


Timely and precise air condition of laboratory ovens are governed with accurate inputs into Multispan products.

Pharmaceutical Machine

Tablet counting facility along with relevant timers makes sure the tablet count is optimised sensitively. Optimum facilities include Tablet counting, rotary counting, tablet per minute speed measurement, RPM indication & Station selection.

Packaging machine

For FMCG Retail packagings, pneumatic packaging automation solutions are inevitable. Controllers get the pouchess sealed thru heaters efficiency. Timing & batch counting facility is also available for providing extra features to the Form Fill Seal FFS machine. A fully programmable unit with multiple inputs & outputs is also available solely for packaging machines.

Chemical Processing

Digital timers & counters with metal enclosure design ensure outputs are optimised in chemically sensitive environment.

Paper Industry

From raw paper pulp to a perfectly bound book, our instruments play an important role in perfect exercise book-manufacturing process.